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WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO Phacoemulsification System

Empower Every Move

Purposefully engineered to empower your technique, the 
WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO Phacoemulsification System delivers the clinical flexibility and high-quality performance you need to empower your expertise with each case. With exceptional versatility to complement the way you work, the 
WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO System gives you the confidence and control to free your focus for what matters in each procedure.

How do you Phaco?

You know what’s best in each case, so choose a system that empowers you to phaco your way.

With the WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO System, you have the clinical flexibility you need to confidently apply your technique and empower your approach in each moment.

Proactive IOP Management with Automatic Occlusion Sensing

The WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO System continuously works behind the scenes to monitor intraocular pressure (IOP) and proactively adjusts to maintain IOP, freeing you to focus on the subtleties of each case.

  • Monitors vacuum levels throughout the case1
  • Optimizes power settings for enhanced control and improved efficiency1
  • Anticipates pressure changes and proactively responds to occlusion breaks1
  • Supports to protect the chamber during post-occlusion surge1

Post-occlusion Surge in Peristaltic Mode2


Results from a nonclinical study.

WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO System: Aspiration 30 ccm, Vacuum 400 mmHg, Pump Ramp 100%, Bottle Height 90 cm, CASE Vacuum 200 mmHg, OPO73.
CENTURION® System: Active FMS, Aspiration 30 ccm, Vacuum 400 mmHg, IOP Target 65 mmHg.
INFINITI® System: INTREPID® Plus Fluidics Management System, Aspiration 30 ccm, Vacuum 400 mmHg, Bottle Height 90 cm.

12% less change in IOP than the CENTURION® System, 51% less than the INFINITI® Vision System*2

67% faster IOP recovery than the CENTURION® System, 74% faster than the INFINITI® Vision System**2

On-Demand Fluidics with Peristaltic, Venturi or Combination Pump Capabilities

Choose the flow that fits your demands and desires. Expertly use your preferred technique from patient to patient or within an individual case.

  • Peristaltic: Holdability and intraoperative control1,3
  • Venturi: Followability and improved efficiency3
  • On-demand transition: Efficiency at every step1,3,4


Peristaltic can be optimal for sculpt, crack and segment control, while venturi is well-suited for I/A.

Ultrasound Efficiency with the ELLIPSTM FX Handpiece

The ELLIPSTM FX Handpiece balances power and control so you get smooth, efficient cutting while protecting the eye. 

  • Ultrasound moves continuously in three dimensions for power and followability4
  • Smooth, efficient cutting with minimal clogging4
  • Reduced heat generated at the incision5
  • Less corneal edema4
  • Lower endothelial cell loss4
  • Compatibility with all Johnson & Johnson Vision phaco tips


In both blocked and unblocked conditions, elliptical energy management maintains significantly cooler temperatures than the competitor handpiece.5

Complement your process in and out of the OR with performance insights and customizability to empower the way you phaco.

State-of-the-Art Analytics

Optimize your process management and inform your technique. The Cataract Analysis and Settings Application (CASA) delivers a practice-eye-level view with mobile analytics and case insights.*

  • Give surgeons and administrators a holistic view of the practice
  • Wirelessly connect and share data across multiple 
  • Gain a tailored understanding by filtering based on date, surgeon or other criteria
  • Refine your process and learn from each case with easily digestible charts
  • Easily import and export surgical parameters and data to share with colleagues

Performance-Specific Playback

The High-Definition Surgical Media Center (HD-SMC) lets you record your cases in high resolution so you can review and refine your technique or share your approach with others.

  • Save and share videos with your colleagues
  • Use as a teaching and demonstration tool
  • Record comprehensive case data
  • Create customized presentations and surgical overlays

Exceptional Versatility

Engineered for usability and versatility, the WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO System delivers a user-focused experience — no matter your technique or workflow.

  • Advanced Linear Pedal: Wireless control for responsiveness and efficiency in each case1
  • Simplified graphical user interface: Simple, intuitive navigation and display1
  • Wireless remote control: Convenience and control for all modes and settings1
  • Vitrectors: Support for your preferences with three high-speed, disposable options1

Universal cautery connectors: Streamlined integration with compatibility across most commercially available cautery cords


*CASA is not a medical device. Please read the CASA user's guide for a comprehensive instruction of use.




Phaco Tips

Supports both curved and straight tips

Phaco Packs

FUSIONTM  OPO70, OPO71 and OPO73 single-use disposable packs

CASA Compatibility

Apple iPad device only


Advanced Linear Pedal

System Size

Width: 0.61 m
Length: 0.61 m
Height: 1.50 m
Weight: 84.0 kg


*Change in pressure from steady state to post-occlusion surge trough
**Change in time from post-occlusion surge trough back to steady state
***CASA is not a medical device. Johnson & Johnson Surgical Vision does not provide or sell tablets and smartphone devices with the CASA application, phaco systems, LCS platforms or their accessories. Please read the CASA user's guide for a comprehensive instruction of use.
CENTURION and INFINITI are trademarks of Novartis AG.
iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc.



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