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Phacoemulsification Packs

Phacoemulsification Packs

To order this product, please contact your sales rep.

Flexibility in Fluidics1,2

Have it your way. Whether your phaco system is single- or dual-pump or you prefer disposable or reusable packs, we have fluidics options to fit your OR and workflow needs. (Pictured: OPO73)

Packs compatible with the VERITASTM Vision System1

One-step-loading single-use phacoemulsification packs designed to interface with both peristaltic and Venturi pumps.

Advanced Infusion Tubing Pack VRT-AI
Advanced Fluidics Tubing Pack VRT-AF


Packs compatible with the WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM PRO and WHITESTAR SIGNATURETM Phacoemulsification Systems2

One-step-loading single-use phacoemulsification pack designed to support both peristaltic and Venturi pumps.

Single-use dual-pump pack OPO73



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