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TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System

TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System

Simplifying IOL Delivery. Improving Efficiency.

The preloaded, fully disposable TECNIS Simplicity™ Delivery System is designed to help to prevent manual loading errors, streamlines lens delivery, and protects against contamination to help elevate the standard of care.1

Enhanced Ergonomics and Optimized Features Designed to Deliver on Efficiency


  • Enlarged button – more surgeon control2
  • Ergonomic design – sturdy, comfortable grip: better grasp2
  • Firmer plunger – smooth and controlled delivery2
  • Lens case – preloaded with select TECNIS™ 1-Piece IOLs1
  • Hydration port – for Balanced Salt Solution or OVD1
  • Beveled tip – for a 2.2-2.4-mm incision1

Preloaded with:

TECNIS™ Monofocal 1-Piece IOL (DCB00)
TECNIS™ OptiBlue™ 1-Piece IOL (DCB00V)
TECNIS Eyhance™ IOL (DIB00)
TECNIS Eyhance™ Toric II IOL (DIU100-800)
TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™ IOL (DXR00V)
TECNIS Symfony™ OptiBlue™ Toric II IOL (DXW100-375)
TECNIS Synergy™ IOL (DFR00V)
TECNIS Synergy™ Toric II IOL (DFW100-375)


The Simplicity of a 3-Step Process

With the flexibility to hydrate how you prefer:

TECNIS Simplicity™ is a preloaded IOL delivery system that allows you to choose from 2 hydration methods: Balanced Salt Solution or OVD.1

For a complete list of instructions, please refer to the product Directions for Use.


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