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iFSTM Advanced Femtosecond Laser

iFSTM Advanced Femtosecond Laser

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5th Generation Intralase Technology

The iFSTM Laser is a comprehensive platform built on IntraLaseTM Technology’s legacy of surgical precision. Delivering individualized procedures from LASIK flaps to inlay pocket creation, the iFSTM Laser is the ideal choice for ophthalmic subspecialty.

The iFSTM Laser offers highly customizable LASIK flap creation with multiple options to individualize your LASIK procedures to each patient’s unique visual needs.

Complete surgical control down to the micron in terms of diameter, depth and edge angle1
Inverted bevel-in side cut, customizable up to 150˚, helps increase flap stability and strength postoperatively1,2
Elliptical flaps maximize stromal bed exposure for full delivery of excimer ablation3
Fast flap creation allows procedures to be completed in under 12 seconds, creating an easy experience for both surgeons and patients2

LASIK flaps created with the iFSTM Laser offer excellent quality and control.

Low energy, tight spot spacing and line separation create a smooth stromal bed, allowing for easy lift,3 minimal inflammation2 and fast flap creation2
Inverted bevel-in side cut may provide fewer dry eye signs and symptoms than with 30◦side cut4
Thin, uniform (planar) flaps result in minimal disruption of corneal architecture and high predictability and reproducibility5

The iFSTM Laser goes beyond LASIK with customizable procedures for:

IntraLaseTM-enabled keratoplasty (IEK) incisions in multiple configurations6,7
Intrastromal and penetrating arcuate incisions, with complete control of angles, placement and orientation for micron-level accuracy7
Multiplanar clear corneal and planar paracentesis incisions during cataract surgery7
Pocket creation for inlay placements, with options for width, offset, depth, side-cut radius and side-cut angle7
Intracorneal corneal ring segments (ICRS), with greater control over channel depth and accuracy than mechanical instruments7

Patient Interface

Applanation lens

Laser Engine

Mode-locked, diode-pumped ND:glass oscillator with a diode-pumped regenerative amplifier

System Size
Width: 0.47 m
Length: 1.04 m
Height: 1.52 m
Weight: 392 kg



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