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TECNIS Eyhance™ Toric II IOL

TECNIS Eyhance<sup>TM</sup> IOL
TECNIS Eyhance<sup>TM</sup> IOL

TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL redefines and surpasses what's been done with standard IOLs.

Revolutionary performance that defies monofocal convetion by offering enhanced intermediate vision.1

Enhanced Intermediate Vision   Better Image Contrast in Low Light 2,*   Revolutionary Performance   Flexibility   TECNISTM Toric II Platform

* TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL delivers 31% improvement in image contrast compared to Clareon® IOL at 5mm.

Enhanced Intermediate Vision

Give your patients back more of what they've been missing.

TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL is elevating expectations with enhanced intermediate vision.

  • The shape of the TECNIS EyhanceTM lens is designed to improve intermediate vision3
  • A modern monofocal IOL with a refractive surface design that's progressive in power from the periphery to the center of the lens4

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Elevating Expectations with enhanced intermediate vision

TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL achieved a smoother profile along the entire curve, especially within the intermediate defocus range (up to -1.50 D, corresponding to 66 cm).

The TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL provided significantly better defocus results at -1.0 D and -1.5 D of defocus compared with ZCB00.5

High spectacle independence for intermediate vision

The TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL provides higher spectacle independence for intermediate distance.5

Better Image Contrast in Low Light

Time of day shouldn't change how your patients see the world.

TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs outperform in low-light conditions, increasing confidence in expected outcomes.2

Experience the difference in image contrast performance with TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs.

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TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs provide similar daytime and superior night-time contrast performance compared to competitor IOLs.2

  • 31% improved contrast compared to Clareon® IOL at 5 mm2
  • 45% improved image contrast compared with large pupil (5 mm) vs Hoya VivinexTM IOLs2

cpmm: cycles per mm
MTF: Modulation Transfer Function
Assessed using modulation transfer function at 3mm and 5mm pupil sizes.

Revolutionary Performance

Empower your patients to engage in everyday activities with confidence.

TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs enable patients to perform certain activities with greater ease.

  • TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs provide statistically significant improvement in binocular intermediate vision vs. TECNISTM 1-piece IOLs ZCB001
  • Significantly more patients implanted with TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs had no difficulty with seeing to walk on uneven surfaces vs patients implanted with TECNISTM 1-piece IOLs1

Dressa. Mencucci Clinical Summary
Prof. Auffarth Clinical Summary
TECNIS EyhanceTM Compendium


TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System - Preloaded and fully disposable

Simplify lens delivery with the fully disposable TECNIS SimplicityTM Delivery System preloaded with TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs.

  • Improve efficiency with a simple 3-step process: hydrate, advance, and deliver6
  • Minimize risk of infection associated with contamination3
  • Eliminate manual loading errors and IOL touches3,6

* to choose between various IOL delivery systems (not preloaded, semi-preloaded and fully preloaded)

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SmartLOADTM Delivery Technology - Environmentally friendly and efficient

This delivery system combines a disposable cartridge preloaded with TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs with the reusable UNFOLDER VITANTM Inserter.9

SmartLOADTM Delivery Technology produces 4.2x less waste than the average competitive preloaded disposable delivery system8,**

** Calculated based on an average weight of instrument, lens, tray, and packaging of the implantation systems Alcon Atonome®, Hoya VivinexTM and Alcon UltraSert®.

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TECNISTM Toric II Platform

Get a grip on visual performance with TECNIS Eyhance Toric II IOL.

With its squared and frosted haptic design the TECNISTM Toric II platform delivers exceptional rotational stability.9

  • 100% of surgeries had less than 5° of rotation at 3 months.9
  • The new squared and frosted haptic design offers exceptional mean rotational stability of 0.94° at 3 months postoperatively.9

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* not available for all countries.

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