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Redefining vision needs   Purely refractive design   High-quality vision   Ease of use   TECNISTM Toric II IOL Platform




Redefining Vision Needs

Addressing unmet needs of patients and surgeons 

Living longer active lifestyles, patients may have a variety of IOL visual needs.3-5


Purely Refractive Design

Dysphotopsia profile comparable to monofocal IOLs6




Excellent distance, intermediate and functional near vision7,8

High-Quality Vision


TECNIS PureSee IOL provides  monofocal-like quality of vision9

With similar mesopic contrast level compared toTECNIS EyhanceTMIOL





Ease of Use

TECNIS PureSee™ IOL provides high tolerance to refractive error, and delivers good outcomes event under defocus2,14-15


Patients show a high satisfaction rate and would recommend the lens to others16

Preloaded in the TECNIS SIMPLICITY Delivery System
for safe and easy delivery17


TECNIS™ Toric II Platform

Lock-in visual performance with
TECNIS PureSee™ Toric II IOL

Frosted haptic design increases the amount of
friction between the lens haptic surface and
the capsular bag to lock in the IOL for rotational
stability and visual performance19,20.



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